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Other Procedures

Surgery on the other Breast
In some patients who are receiving a unilateral mastectomy, to achieve optimal results we may recommend surgery on the contralateral (opposite) breast in order to make the breasts more symmetric. This may involve a breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation. Fortunately, these procedures are covered under insurance under the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998.

Nipple and Areolar Reconstruction
After the breast mound is created with a flap and/or implant, Dr Rosenberg reconstructs the nipple and areola in a subsequent outpatient or office procedure. The nipple is made by surgically rearranging a small portion of the skin and fat of your reconstructed breast, and the areola is tattooed in a separate procedure.

Bilateral Breast Reconstruction
In some circumstances, bilateral breast removal or mastectomy may be recommended by your oncologist or breast surgeon. This may either be for treatment of a bilateral breast cancer or as a prophylactic measure in high-risk patients. Breast reconstruction in this circumstance often allows Dr Rosenberg more control over the reconstruction and to achieve outstanding and symmetrical results. We have utilized bilateral implant reconstructions, bilateral TRAM flaps, and bilateral latissimus dorsi flaps with great success.